One Tough Daisy

((So today I went to Atchison, home of Amelia Earhart. :D It was just a badass woman kinda day… 

1. Obligatory KS grain elevator and sign that points toward K-7/Glacial Hills Scenic Byway (which fun fact, I actually live right off of)

2. Amelia Earhart’s birthplace and childhood home (there’s a sign off to the side that calls it a “cottage” but seriously, even for our day it’s anything but a cottage, pft. 

3. Amelia’s bedroom. There are flowers on the bed along with a lot of letters from people who have been inspired by Amelia to take up flying or to do other things that might have at first been difficult for them. It’s really adorable, actually. 

4. Painting of Amelia with her first plane, which she bought at age 24. 

5. In one room of the house, they have a collection of books about Amelia from all over the world. This happens to be a biographical manga from Japan.

6. View of the Missouri River from the top of the bluffs where her neighborhood sits. If I remember right, the first smaller bridge is a railroad bridge originally built for the Atchiscon, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, the second one is the old Mo-Kan Free Bridge (later renamed Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge), and the farthest one away is the new Amelia Earhart Memorial Bridge. 

7. Monument to the workers who built the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe, in front of the old railroad depot (now a museum).

8. A Missou-rah boat ride. In the Atchison County Museum. 

9. And then there were interesting clouds. 

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